Revisiting the Revisited album project

Last year, I remixed 20 tracks spanning my first two albums. This collection formed the first part of the “Revisited” album project.

I also put the original tracks back online, and added music players to every album I’ve released. These can be found via my Music page.

I’ve recently started working on the next phase of this project, which will be a remixed version of “Twice Midnight“. As with the previous “Revisited” tracks, I’m hoping to improve on the original material quite a bit. I remember finding the album quite boring to work on when I first put it together. I hope that by removing a couple of “filler” tracks and not trying to rush the process, the album as a whole will sound a lot better.

I’ll share tracks on the blog as soon as they’re ready. Until then, I’d like to recommend a few tracks to check out (note: these will autoplay when clicked):

Thanks for listening!


More new music online

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of new tracks:


8 new remixes – listen here.

  • Stormy Shores
  • Clear Blue Skies
  • Morning Exploring
  • Rainforest
  • Candlelit Cavern
  • No Way Out
  • Into Darkness
  • Twisted Vision

Voyage into Space

A new album with 9 tracks – listen here.

  1. Rocket Fuel
  2. Leaving the Planet
  3. Industrial Evolution
  4. Crystal Beach
  5. Comet Chasing
  6. Lost in Space
  7. Meteor Shower
  8. Uncharted Territories
  9. Ninth Dimension

Not sure where to start?

As there’s a lot of new tracks, I’ve also uploaded a selection to Soundcloud.

Enjoy the new music!

Music site updates – new albums and tracks

I’ve just finishing moving all of the content from my old music site (GFD Music) and merging it into my personal site. It didn’t make sense to have both sites, so I’ve combined the two.

Here’s a quick look: Music by Ben Barden


Lots of albums! Albums 5, 6, 7 and 8 can be played online; I’ll be putting the earlier albums back online soon.

Album 8 (“Revisited”) is my latest project, currently a work in progress.

Album 9 (“Voyage into Space”) is upcoming.

Music update: new website and albums!

Over the last year and a bit, I’ve been through a very productive and enjoyable period of music composition.

My last album, “A Change of Scenery“, was finished in November 2009. After that, I went for 5 years with very little interest in writing music. Some of this was because I was totally tied up with working in London – not to mention commuting.

It took until November 2014 to come up with the track that kick-started my return to music – the aptly named “November Dawn”. Since then, I’ve been putting the finishing touches to what was going to be my sixth album – a double album called “Parallel Paths”.

However, with such a large gap since my fifth album, along with a change in the style of music, it felt like a good opportunity to start over.

Introducing… GFD Music.


New music can be found under Albums, with the double album split into two “sister albums” – Symmetry 1, and Symmetry 2. A total of 22 new tracks are available to play or download.

There’s a music blog, a Soundcloud page for sharing individual tracks (although it’s not yet linked from the website), new graphics (album covers and track artwork), a Twitter account, and a Facebook page.

Please follow, listen, and spread the word if you like the music. Thank you!

New music uploaded in August 2015

Last month, I uploaded six tracks to SoundCloud. They are:

  • Circumference (2015 remix) – which I shared on my blog recently. A remix of a track from a previous album, “Twice Midnight”.
  • Crystallized – a synth-heavy piece.
  • Fireflies – a full version of a demo I uploaded earlier in the year.
  • Classic Case of Chaos – a very different style for me. I think it came out well.
  • Late Summer Funk – funky stuff. Particularly pleased with this one.
  • Epic Journey – hasn’t had much love yet. A progressive trance track that I think sounds great.

Updated November 2016: All of these tracks can be found on Symmetry 1 or Symmetry 2.

A Change of Scenery: getting my music back online

Over the last few years, I’ve probably spent more time reorganising my personal site than actually working on new material to put on the site. I was in a bit of a creative drought, and just wasn’t 100% happy with the various personal sites I’ve tried to put together over the last few years.

I’m hoping today’s efforts will be a foundation to build on, rather than something to tear down and rebuild later in the year. Check it out: Music by Ben Barden

That was the easy part. Here’s the fun part: A Change of Scenery

The music player uses the brilliant jPlayer, which I’ve added to the sidebar and used to make a playlist of all 20 tracks from that album.

An added bonus is that if you click one of the track names in the text on the left of the page, it’ll start playing that track. Also, if you grab the URL, it should have the track number in it – so if you come back to the page later, it’ll autoplay that track. Otherwise, it won’t play anything until you choose a track (or click Play to start track 1).

Hope you enjoy some of the tracks.