Rebuilding the post editor at City AM

When I joined City AM, one of the first things I experienced was the post editor. It did the job, but it was not particularly quick or intuitive to use. We had to add new fields in a predefined way – and doing so usually added extra work for the content team. Plus, there were a number of tasks that had to be done outside the system – such as finding and resizing images from Getty.

I knew we needed to take a radical approach and consider scrapping the existing post editor.

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How I’ll be using Medium to supplement my main blog

For some time, I’ve wanted to use Medium for blogging. The reason I haven’t done it is because running multiple blogs is a lot of work for one person – and because I can’t see a logical split between my (mini-)blog and a potential Medium blog.

I’ve found a way that I think works well. The miniblog can stay as my “anything goes” blog, with half-finished musings on a variety of topics. I can then use Medium to cross-post anything I thought was particularly good from over here, as a “best of” showcase.

The miniblog remains the place for my complete archive of posts. I think it’s a good opportunity to go back through the archives of my older blogs – some 630 posts in total – and salvage/rewrite anything I think is worth keeping. Anything particularly good will make an additional appearance on Medium.

Medium seems like a good place to share my best content, and give it an extra chance to reach new readers.

You can find my Medium blog here: Ben Barden – Medium