Gluten-free sandwiches at Marks and Spencer

Gluten-free lunch options can be notoriously difficult to find. Many restaurants are good, but if you want something quick, gluten-free sandwiches can be tricky.

Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s have disappointed me on numerous occasions. While they both have fairly good GF options elsewhere in the store, lunches are a different matter. Occasionally you’ll find just one option (often a small wrap) but usually I’ve found absolutely nothing I can have. Salads aren’t my first choice, and even these can be a minefield due to sauces. Pasta is often off-limits.

However, Marks and Spencer truly lead the field in this area. M&S offer a number of GF sandwiches, including BLT, prawn mayonnaise, chicken salad, and they did a great turkey feast at Christmas. They also have a GF chicken and pasta salad that I particularly enjoy, and a couple of sweet bars (honeycomb, and a millionaire’s shortbread). All of which I’ve had, and really enjoyed.

Today, there’s a new sandwich on the block – a simple ham and cheese offering (I feel like I’ve seen it before even though it says it’s new). Better still, it’s in the meal deal. See below.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a GF sandwich and qualified for the meal deal, too.

I’m really impressed with M&S and their approach to gluten-free lunches. Outside M&S, gluten-free sandwiches are extremely rare. Other stores should do more.


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