Quick cider reviews

As I’ve been gluten-free since late 2014, I’ve had to stop drinking most types of beer. Instead, I’ve sampled a variety of other drinks. The easiest thing to buy in a bar or pub is cider, as most don’t stock gluten-free beer, which has meant I’ve also had a lot of cider given to me as gifts. I don’t drink at home very often, so today I thought I’d sample everything I’ve got to see what I do and don’t like. I’m blogging about it as otherwise I’ll forget what I thought of the drinks!

Anyway, here goes.

(NOTE: in case any of these aren’t gluten-free, I’ll add a disclaimer here. Check before you drink!)

First up: Chaplin & Cork’s Somerset Reserve Cider.

One thing I’ve learned about cider pretty quickly is that it’s strong. This one is 6.8%. If we ever go for a drink, don’t expect me to match pints of cider to your pints of beer – at least not without dire consequences (and an unhappy wife when I get home!).

This one tastes ok. I don’t love it, and I’m not sure what I’d make of a whole bottle – the sip I had was hard to judge. I might give this one another go.

It’s at this point I’d better point out that I’m not drinking every bottle – just tasting. Otherwise, I’ll be a mess!

Next up: Rekorderlig Premium Mango and Raspberry cider.

I think this is 4% going by the number on the front – it wasn’t entirely clear.

It’s very fruity, which might be hard to drink a bottle of. I think it’d work as a summer drink with some ice. I quite like this one.

Number 3 is another fruity drink. Devon Farmhouse Cider with Raspberry, available at M&S. Also 4%.

This one doesn’t taste as sweet as the last one. I didn’t enjoy the flavour as much. Don’t think I’ll get this one again.

Drink 4: another M&S cider, this time it’s Devon Farmhouse Cider – Medium Dry. 4.5%. Looks and sounds more like wine!

This is more like “normal” cider. It’s ok. I’d drink it again. Nothing out of the ordinary but sometimes that’s what you want.

Number five: Dark Matured Vintage Cider. Another from M&S.

Honestly, I’m a bit scared of this one! It doesn’t look good. It’s stronger, too, at 7.4%.

It certainly tastes strong – and not nice, either. Definitely going to avoid that one in future.

I need something sweet to take the taste away of that last one. Let’s go for a Pear Cider from Weston’s Cider Mill. Another M&S cider, this one is still strong at 7.3%.

It definitely beats the one before, but not by much. Didn’t think much of this one.

Let’s go for a well-known brand next: Thatcher’s Gold, which is 4.8%.

Not bad. A bit blander than some of the others, but I’d drink it again.

Nearly done. The next one is Kopparberg Pear, 4.5%.

This has a nicer pear taste than the last one. Smells a bit like pear drops. Quite nice.

And finally, it’s time for a Pimm’s Cider Cup, Mango & Passion Fruit flavour – 4%.

I like this one. It’s a fresher and fruitier taste than most of the others. Enjoyed it!

Now for a wildcard – a bottle we had sitting in the cupboard. A bottle of Caribbean Twist, flavoured with mango. Another 4%.

Of course, this isn’t a cider, more of a fruity cocktail. But it was pretty good. I’d have it again.

Well, that’s the drinks cupboard cleared, and means there are a few things we don’t need to take with us when we move house! Job done!


2 thoughts on “Quick cider reviews

  1. That Sheppy’s Oak Matured is one of my favorites! Everyone definitely has different tastes. I love a bold cider with a higher ABV, and the oaky smoky flavor of that one is awesome.


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