Review of January 2016

A lot has happened in four weeks. It’s been very busy, but also highly productive. Here’s a quick look at four of the biggest things that happened in January:

Team changes – at the start of January I took on the role of Product and Technology Director. Part of this has meant reviewing our current products, and starting to think of what we might create in the future. It also means I’ve stepped back a little from day to day development tasks, focusing more on project management, product strategy and QA.

Expanded development efforts – with a new developer joining the team on January 4th, the team capabilities have been boosted. This allowed us to finish a few incomplete tasks, clear a lot of tickets, and accelerate our ongoing efforts to remove Drupal.

Replacing old IT equipment – at the end of 2015, we started planning the replacement of our ageing IT hardware. Due to the scale of the work, I split this into phases. In December we spent a couple of Saturdays installing new equipment and switching off the old hardware. We’ve also switched off an old OSX server. There’s another one to go, which will be done in phase 2.

A big project – which was defined, scoped, designed and entered development in January. I’ve allowed 3-4 weeks for development and testing. Considering we spent most of 2015 working on incremental improvements with the occasional larger project thrown in, this project is bigger than pretty much everything that’s come beforehand. But it’s a really exciting project, and I’m very confident in the team’s ability to deliver it. I’ll write more about this in March.

How was your January? What did you achieve?


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