Are long days turning us into substance-fuelled zombies?

I like working in London, and I like living in Sussex. For as long as that’s the case (which I’m sure it will be for a while yet), I have to get from A to B somehow. That means commuting.

For many of us, commuting is a drag. It’s expensive, crowded, and tiring. On a typical day, I leave the house at 6:15am and get home just over 12 hours later. That’s a pretty long day, especially five days a week.

I’m often tired, so I always have a coffee in the mornings. I also like a cup of tea in the evenings. Occasionally I’ll have a couple of drinks if I’m meeting up with a friend in the evening. I know people who have a lot more to drink in the evenings than I do. (I used to drink a lot more than I do now.)

If you’re being knocked out by alcohol, and kicked back into life by caffeine, how much quality sleep are you getting?

Recently, I’ve been feeling more tired than usual. I’ve had problems sleeping, problems staying awake on the train, and sometimes even problems staying awake in the afternoons. As an experiment, I’ve decided to switch to decaf tea and coffee.

The only coffee I’m having is made at home before I go to work, and carried in a flask. Now it’s decaf. And I’m trying decaf tea, too.

It’s early days – I started this on Friday 6th November. But already, I feel more alert, and less of a zombie.


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