Blogging procrastination: where no blog post is good enough

I’ve been wrestling with the potential ocean of topics I could cover here. Note “potential”. Where I’m probably overwhelmed by choices… and therefore unable to choose just one topic. Even though I could cover something totally different in the next post.

Blogging about blogging is something I’ve done before, and I don’t want to focus on it again – at least not as my main topic. I don’t want to be known as the guy who blogs about blogging. But here we are again.

Jumping from one topic to the next, I worry I won’t cover anything in enough depth to make an impact. But I get bored if I cover the same topic too often. So I can’t win.

The whole point of the miniblog was to throw out the rules, and throw anything on the page. Well, not quite anything. But at least something – and not feel crippled by indecision whenever I feel like writing.

Maybe that’s just it. I haven’t felt like writing. Then again, I also haven’t been all that busy. So I don’t really have any excuse.

I blame Super Mario Maker. Stupid addictive game.


3 thoughts on “Blogging procrastination: where no blog post is good enough

  1. So much relatable! 😀 I also am not able to think what to write about even though there are so many things to choose from! TV Shows and awesome psychological movies are so freakin’ addictive, I feel like updating my blog sometimes! 😀 😀 😀
    Glad there are others like me as well. 🙂


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