A month without Facebook: what I missed most

Today I reinstated my Facebook account after disabling it four weeks ago. I took a break because I was caught in an endless loop of reading status updates and playing games. For me, Facebook was a huge waste of time.

This week, I noticed what I missed the most: a decent way to keep up with the news without being totally overwhelmed with content. (And here’s a really good post about how the news feed works.)

Despite its inevitable flaws (how can it possibly work perfectly when you consider the staggering number of people using Facebook?) the News Feed is an invaluable method for keeping up with busy sites via Facebook pages. Twitter lists, or subscribing to big sites via a reader such as Feedly, move too quickly for me. This is because they pull in every post in the feed.

The risk of missing something is always there. But you’ll never be able to read everything. The News Feed is a pretty solid way to read content from the sites you enjoy.

If your News Feed is clogged up, why not clean it up by unfollowing any friends or pages that are flooding your feed?


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